Category: Travel

This is a travel blog of our adventures since Clyde (an Aussie boy) met Bonnie (a gorgeous German girl) at a techno club and they fell in love. It is about our adventures living in cities and travelling all around the world in search of new and exciting places to see and activities to do. The more we travel and the more we come to find out about the world, the more we come to learn about ourselves and each other. And since we’re both a bit mental it’s sure to be perilous at times, but then again that’s just life; a wild ride filled with the good and the bad and all of the tickle fights, dancing, parties, sex and adventure we can manage.

So far the countries and cities in our adventure include:
1. Australia (Melbourne and trekking in a van around Victoria)
2. The Philippines (Cebu, Palawan and Basuanga)

Welcome to our travel blog.

xx Clyde and Bonnie