Choosing outfits for your spouse. A week of nerd love meets gangster style


I’ll have to go to work naked, I thought. He’ll make me wear something ridiculous. A dinosaur onesie to a friend’s dinner party or an ugly sweater to an important client meeting.

It all started when my colleague wore an outfit I had never seen her wear. She said, she was running out of time to get to work and asked her boyfriend to quickly put an outfit together for her while she was in the shower. I’d love to dress Clyde, I thought. And I’d love to see what he would dress me in. Why not make it a challenge? A week of choosing outfits for your spouse; Clyde and I dressing each other for a week. We decide on a theme for the day and then the other one has to choose an outfit to match that theme. We would have our fan base vote who looks best dressed that day. Meaning the other person should start a carrier as a stylist. Done! Outfit challenge accepted.

I never thought about how to style a man until it was my turn to dress Clyde. This was going to be so much fun! Hehe. Sunday night, he started pulling out an all blue outfit for me to wear to work, so I thought, fine, first up: blue business casual, it is. Mondays back at work are blue days. I’m blue daba dee… I kept humming that song. I made Clyde wear dark blue pants, a navy blue sweater on top of a baby blue shirt and checkered tie. I on the other hand was asked to wear a midnight blue tailored blazer on top of jeans along with a fun royal blue crab top. I’ve never heard the sentence “You’ve got crabs” as much as I did that day at work. Thanks, Clyde!

During the challenge, I noticed how much the outfit you wear influences your personality that day. Crazy to think that the few bits of fabric you wrap your body in really determine who you are – to yourself and everyone around you. I wanted Clyde to really thrive in his next role uhm outfit. Dressing each other as crazy professors was my initial idea, which then turned us into looking like nerdy hipsters. Clyde was given fake black glasses to wear which we wore in dignity and style without hesitation. To top off the Steve Urkel look, I asked him to wear brown plastic (!) suspenders. Geek ahoi! Topped off with a classy white shirt on top of dark grey pants. He looked so hot. Nerdy hot. Even the dullest lab tech would get some in this outfit, that’s for sure! I noticed my sudden passion for the super geeky-look and got totally turned on. There’s something about a man that looks like he could save the world with his absurd knowledge, be it astro-physics or astro-turf. Doesn’t really matter what he nerds out about. He’s got his shit handled. Even if he’s a little skatterbrainy.

Note: The man with the self proclaimed devilish good looks (read here) just ate his own booger. Totally caught you, Clyde! Haha. Off to make us a quick meal now. He must be low in salts, hahahaha. Also super gross but I still totally adore him.

Back to my nerdy outfit: Clyde made me wear my favourite black high waisted jeans (Stephanie Urkel look? Touche!) with a tucked in black long sleeve and a white collared, button-up sleeveless shirt. Styled with a golden flower of life necklace and fake black-rimmed glasses to give me that extra sense of geekiness (which you can’t see in this picture, but rest assured – this cheeky blond totes also looked like she could save the world with her knowledge in nano science).

Note to the note: He just licked his plate clean. So glad I made us a snack haha.

The third day, we dove into the wild. Clyde dressed me as Pocahontas in an Indian dress with a feathered headband while he had to wear a patterned scarf and a fake fur vest (which also got attention in this article about us smoking DMT)…

Thursday: Gangster’s paradise, baby! Clyde had to wear an all black suit with a black shirt. Collar up high! What I was going for would be hard to achieve – but not impossible. Picture a mix of Al Pacino as Mafia Boss, the rebellious James Dean and Fifty Cent – gangsta delight! I finished his outfit off with a heavy, thick silver cross necklace. Who owns this kind of stuff?! Clyde does! I on the other hand looked sick! Uhm slick! Tailored black jeans, a silky black top and bomber jacket along with a huge Dollar-Sign necklace and popping red lipstick. Bitch better have my money!

For date night, which was also our most amazing 11 month anniversary, I treated Clyde to go rock climbing with me. Not just that. After showing off our batman skills climbing up walls, we had experimental Chinese food and whisky shots at an American dive before I dragged him to karaoke (which he really loved!). For the day, I made Clyde wear a pair of jeans we bought together and Captain Doughnut Head, which is a sweater I got him and really love. I basically have to laugh every time I see it. And have this weird sense of austerity when looking at the captain on the print but also really just want to eat his face off. Seriously though, what an epic sweater. He also wore his favourite necklace which he calls ‘my heart’. It’s a silver necklace with a wrap-around ring that he found at a festival. I hid a tiny little silver heart dangler in it. We joke that he forgot ‘his heart’ if he doesn’t wear it.

Clyde had me wear his favourite black dress (that came out wrong!), which has a slit in the middle so everyone can see my tummy. It’s not the best outfit to wear to work, especially when your fellow work mates follow you on Instagram and yell “show us your outfit, Bonnie!” across the whole office once you come into work. Damn you, internet. I wore the flower of life pendant he bought me for my birthday. It sometimes makes me feel like a little cat, purr purr, since it has a tiny bead in it that jingles when I walk. Most of the time, though, it makes me think of Clyde and that I can tackle the world with him.

Saturday was play day. We were invited to a birthday party, so I gave Clyde something fun to wear. I woke up like this. Yupp, princess, you sure did. I think it’s absolutely extraordinary that he didn’t veto this one, given that we were going out into the public to a fancy cocktail bar and we each had one veto for a week – which we never ended up using. How good are those silver glitter suspenders? Sparkly! The perfect outfit for a play date. I jumped into the jump suit Clyde picked out for me and styled with the red Elmo necklace that he bought me the day after we first met. Yes, Elmo has since played a major role in our lives and I’m happy to say that I cherish that necklace like nothing else.

Sunday we felt like slackers, boho chic – or was it hobo chic? Haha. Contrariwise either or the other. He dressed me in cargo pants that were supposed to go to the Op Shop long time ago but never made it, white top and fake fur vest accompanied by my pineapple ukulele, which I cherish deeply but never learnt how to play. Deeply in thought, reading a poetry book we picked up at an old book shop in Daylesford, once, with the best poem contemplating the life of a mouse, you can see Clyde wearing slacker pink pants. The story goes that these used to be bright red. They have outlived many a hatred from Clyde’s friends whose laundry got washed with them. While the red faded from the pants, his friend’s laundry is now brightly coloured, haha. Also love the monster t-shirt and black hoodie. Slacking off in comfy clothes on a Sunday, what else would you want?

Monday was off for the Queen’s Birthday, so we thought we could celebrate with her by dressing up in our nicest gowns and having a little tea party. Clyde’s dad’s bow tie along with the suit was a must, the pearl necklace and brooch were his mom’s styled to my white silky dress. A mad tea party for the Queen! How better to spend a Monday off of work.

We never ended up looking like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum from Alice in Wonderland. Dressing each other was super fun and just having the daily routine of dressing up was a great way to start the day. I also just really enjoyed new outfit combinations that he picked for me, the compliments I got for my clothes and giving Clyde little gadgets to wear.

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xx Bonnie

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